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The kitchen artist , Edward Gomes born in Bangladesh , in 1962. He began cooking at an early age in his home village , Golla and has never stopped. As a teenager , Edward got his start in the food industry making bread and pastries at a Bandura bakery in Dhaka.

After high school, he turned down a full adventurous spirit to the Calcutta to pursue his true passion, cooking, at the age of 15. He worked in Calcutta restaurants as kitchen assistance for one year. He then moved to Bombay to diversify his cooking palette, absorbing the local flair of Indian food at Hotel Love Bird, Thane as assistance cook.

Indian cuisine in his heart, he apprenticed one year at Star catering in Bombay where he received culinary arts and began his professional journey culinary world. After finishing his one year course, he worked for ONGC with Assistance Chef. He therefore worked in the kitchens of much well known catering service in Bombay.


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